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The Man In The High Castle Season 3 DVDSpecial Features

Actors: Alexa Davalos,Rupert Evans
Language: English
Boxed Set: Yes
Number of discs: 3
Condition: New
Region: Region Free
Weight: 0.4 kg
Format: Support both NTSC & PAL
Rated: NR (Not Rated)
DVD Release Date: 2017

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The Man In The High Castle Season 3 DVD

The Man In The High Castle Season 3 DVD Overview

Crain makes her way to the Neutral Zone to deliver the film as part of a mission by the resistance. Along the way, her bag gets stolen leaving her with no money.The second season ends with Himmler and John Smith implicitly assuming command of the Reich,The Man In The High Castle Season 3 DVDand an implied new era of peace and tranquility between the Japanese Empire and the Greater Nazi Reich. Juliana Crain continues to live out her asylum claim inside New York Nazi territory, and the final few minutes of the final episode of the second season show Crain's sister is not in fact dead after all. In a basement somewhere, John Smith is given access to a room filled to bursting with reels of films watched by the late Führer gathered from possibly several hundred different timelines. The show seems careful never to blatantly imply that timeline-travel was, or is,The Man In The High Castle Season 3key to any particular group's ability to gain or exercise power inside their own timeline. But because the films have already been portrayed as having not just been from one timeline, the general sense is that future seasons may choose to explore timeline-travel / 'dimension'-hopping more than has been done thus far.

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